Vintage Hill Press

What sets Vintage Hill Press, an imprint of Trifecta Publishing House, apart from other imprints of other small publishers? We're happy to explain.

Vintage Hill Press is owned and operated by authors who know the entire process of having your book published, from writing that first draft to seeing your book hit the market. Vintage Hill Press contracts with professional editors, cover artists, formatters and proofreaders to make any book we publish shine. We offer marketing and branding support and are truly competitive in royalty figures.

At Vintage Hill Press, we're looking for something unique, something different, something - very, very special. We publish unique family friendly general fiction AND non-fiction books.

We are always looking for something fresh -  a different take on life, learning and relationships. 

Should we agree to work together, we will provide you with ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of your book and cover art in advance of the release date, will create a press release for you, and will send out review requests to reputable review sites - again, in advance of your release date.

We are an e-book and print book publisher of quality of books.

Vintage Hill Press is a team. If all partners are on board with your submission, we will welcome you to our team and do everything we can to make your new release a success.

Diana Ballew
Lori Lyn
Doug Burmeister

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