Vintage Hill Press

Vintage Hill Press is now accepting submissions for completed family friendly fiction (novels and novellas) and non-fiction books.

Send query letter, synopsis, and first three chapters in the body of an e-mail to Diana Ballew at

*Please Note: if you have already self-published your book or it is available under another publisher, please do not query with that ms.

Please query with something new.*

Enriching Lives With Great Books

***We are now closed for submissions. Check back in during 2018 for updates on when we will accept open submissions. For authors who have been invited to revise and resubmit their manuscripts, please send when they are ready to***

*Please Note: If you have not invested the time to create your social media platform, please do not submit to us until you have done so.
                       If your book is currently self-published or with another publisher, please do not query with that title. Instead, send us something new.*

Please see Trifecta Publishing House for all Submissions details.

Our submission requirements are as follows:
New work, not previously published
100,000 word count maximum

Query should consist of an e-mail with the synopsis and first 30 pages in the body of the e-mail.
If full manuscript is requested, please send as an attachment to the editor requesting.

Please send an e-query first to
with a synopsis (3-4 pages) and the first 30 pages,
double spaced in the body of the e-mail.